Thursday, December 27, 2012

先週のつぶやき。(16Dec-22Dec2012 from Twitter)


I woke up early n walked with doggies before dawn. Good morning.
posted at 08:56:45


Puppy-Chicharito went into water! Good morning. #dog #beach  
posted at 11:08:37

Waiting for snacks. 
おやつ待ち。 #dog #puppy #waiting  
posted at 11:32:25

And waiting for snack... #dog #puppy 
posted at 20:32:09

Can't wait!! #dog #puppy  
posted at 20:33:20

急に思い立ってCheung Shaビーチへハイク。
Went to Cheung Sha Beach by hike. Many rest for her! lol #dog #pug  
posted at 21:06:52

Taro in the air. 
アソボーーー! #dog #flying #beach #friends #happy  
posted at 22:15:56

updated. Party Girl封印中。DJとワンコと香港で島暮らし。
『先週のつぶやき。(09Dec-15Dec2012 from Twitter)』
posted at 23:08:30

てことでCheung Shaビーチに来週も行く◎ 
We fallen love with Cheung Sha Beachso will go again on next week. :) #addicted
posted at 23:18:51


Heyyyy why firecrackers' sound in outside!? It's not allowed in Hong Kong I guess. 
posted at 00:50:22

Galaxy note2 に変えちゃったー!!画面デカくて超嬉しい◎ 
Finally chaged to galaxy note 2!! very happy wiz big screen. :)
posted at 18:11:24

みんなうちのパピーチチャリトに見えるww #dog #puppy #monkey
posted at 21:50:31

Watching TV program about for wild monkeys in India tho 
all baby monkeys looks like our pup-Chicharito! LOL #dog #puppy #monkey
posted at 21:51:01

●In Stock Now●Lace-up Back Long Sleeve Tops・3clrs
●Black&White in Stock Now!●編み上げバックロングスリーブトップス・全3色
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Can't share how funny this is w my BF cuz he's not japanese. 
posted at 10:58:29

Y roaming in mid of mountain road from Pui O to Tung chong! 
Haven't out from Hong Kong! lol
posted at 12:46:40


gala's grand opening! #hongkong #party  
posted at 01:04:47

There r no food for my lunch so eating rice cracker from Japan.
posted at 13:43:00

My heart breaking moment. #dog #puppy 
posted at 15:02:00

yesterday wore ugg boots n today i wear flipflop. #Hongkong weather is always like this.
posted at 15:15:25

my throat pain... T_T
posted at 23:02:23

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