Sunday, March 30, 2014

先週のつぶやき。(23Mar2014-29Mar2014 from Twitter)


Coffee, doggies, sunshine & breeze. This is what my favorite Sunday morning.  

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"@celebdailyjp: The Voice イタリア版で25歳の修道女が修道着で

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Warm Hong Kong n it's time to Brazilian wax.
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Taro now n then. #dog #love #family  

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the businessman in front of me smells like Jpns sweet frm Kyoto. #hongkong #mtr
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Mr. chicken in my soup. 

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This high humidity makes my hair like jungle... #hongkong
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2glasses of wine n another 2glasses of sparkling wine from lunch. then now just sleepy. 
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Sunday, March 23, 2014

先週のつぶやき。(16Mar2014-22Mar2014 from Twitter)


忘れてた。updated. Party Girl封印中。DJとワンコと香港で島暮らし。
: 先週のつぶやき。(02Mar2014-08Mar2014 from Twitter)…
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3回しかつぶやいてへんし!updated. Party Girl封印中。DJとワンコと香港で島暮らし。
: 先週のつぶやき。(09Mar2014-15Mar2014 from Twitter)…
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Good morning :) 
オハヨー。#dog #love #family #sunday #morning  

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I love my rescued dogs :) #dog #love #family #rescue 
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This funny Japanese wording always hppnd in #Hongkong.  

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古いけどFUGEESのReady or Notがめちゃ好きで色んな事思い出す。んで毎日聞いてる。
I guess i love The Fugees - Ready or Not:
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Sunday, March 16, 2014

先週のつぶやき。(09Mar2014-15Mar2014 from Twitter)


オハヨー。Good morning :) 

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寝る場所がない。。。Where is my space...?  

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私ができなくなったので毎朝ドッグウォーカーさんにお散歩お願いしてますが、タローだけお散歩に行きたがらないんだって。。。いつかちゃんと理解してくれるやろか。。。ウッ Taro doesn't wanna walk w his dogwalker every morning...
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先週のつぶやき。(02Mar2014-08Mar2014 from Twitter)


updated. Party Girl封印中。DJとワンコと香港で島暮らし。
: 先週のつぶやき。(23Feb2014-01Mar2014 from Twitter)  
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寝ていますww Yes, she is sleeping. #dog #sleeping #funny  
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Breakfast with Oscars. #Oscars2014 #happy #Pharrell  

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オスカーでピザ配ってますw ハリソンフォードがクレクレとww 
Grabing the pizza in oscars. LOL #Oscars2014 #EllenDeGeneres #pizza 

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RT @TheEllenShow: If only Bradley's arm was longer. Best photo ever.  
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Best moment of #Oscars. Ellen collected pizza money in pharell's hat.
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The first day today for back to work in the office. Good morning. 
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My doggies eyes makes me so sad when I out for work... #dog
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Wow! @cesarmillan live in #Hongkong
I'd love to take my 3doggies tho seems seats r only for ppl :P #leaderofthepack

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

先週のつぶやき。(23Feb2014-01Mar2014 from Twitter)


寝ていますwww Yes, sleeping. lol 
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RT @guskenworthy: Fell asleep last night with Rosa :) Thanks for the pic  

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Olympic Athletes Rescue Sochi Stray Dogs  
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Our doggy Chicharito he is still our puppy. :) 
おっきくなってもずっとベイビー◎ #dog #family #love  
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Fisherman village, Tai O Lntau Island. #hongkong #dryfood #lantau #island
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Fisherman Village. Tai O, Lantu Island. #hongkong #teammonday 
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updated. Party Girl封印中。DJとワンコと香港で島暮らし。
: 先週のつぶやき。(16Feb2014-22Feb2014 from Twitter) 
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After walking. 
アフターおさんぽ。 #dog #sleeping #love  
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n my congee is preserved egg n shredded pork congee.  
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Taro n Chicha. Found smtng. #dog #brothers #roof  
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