Sunday, September 23, 2012

先週のつぶやき。(16Sep-22Sep2012 from Twitter)


RT @neo_namp: LINKSページ作りました。いい物いっぱい見つかります♡  
☆fan D na☆  
posted at 01:02:08

It's quite good that unprepared appetizer, cracker with cheese n seaweeds paste.
posted at 22:17:46

it's definetly not say hello. Run away gecko! #dog 
posted at 23:17:45

updated. Party Girl封印中。DJとワンコと香港で島暮らし。 
『先週のつぶやき。(09Sep-15Sep2012 from Twitter) 』
posted at 23:36:21


先週のつぶやき。(09Sep-15Sep2012 from Twitter)  
posted at 02:58:23

Unexpected hiking! #puio #muiwo #hongkong  
posted at 11:45:01

まさかのプイオー →ムイウォー → DB ハイク。 
Unexpected Pui O-Mui Wo-DB hike. #hongkong 
posted at 12:47:47

DB に着いた。。。へとへと。。。 
Arrived in DB... Soooo exhausted.
posted at 13:48:28

This Sat! girly me web store will be at Cyberport Weekend Market 
on 22nd Sep (SAT) 11AM-6PM. Come and find us! :) 
the Podium Cyberport HK
posted at 21:13:34

girly me web storeは、9月22日(日)11am-6pm 
Cyberport Weekend Marketに出店致します☆ぜひ遊びにきてね! 
@ the Podium Cyberport, Po Fu Lam, #Hongkong
posted at 21:15:28

He looks so sad when we let him do "stay" during walking. lol #dog 
posted at 21:23:24

あ、土曜日だった!girly me web storeは9月22日(土)11am-6pm 
Cyberport Weekend Marketに出店します!
@ the Podium Cyberport, Po Fu Lam, #Hongkong
posted at 21:45:11


筋 肉 痛。 
Muscle pain.
posted at 15:12:42

I got Aloe with roots from our neighbor. Should i put it into water?
posted at 18:57:34

I feel like i want to eat flavored seaweeds.
posted at 22:16:30


今使っているHearttexというトイレットペーパーがいつもHeart attack (心臓発作) 
I always feel it looks like 'heart attack'. 
posted at 14:01:16


Cloudy #Hongkong.
posted at 10:54:22

I made fish sandwich that left over from last night. So yummy then already finished.
posted at 14:46:48

Trying aloe, spring onion & chili. 
posted at 18:28:43

●New Arrival●【Krazy】Seethru Dot Dress
posted at 19:46:22

●New Arrival●【Krazy】Open Shoulder&Back Tops・4clrs
posted at 19:47:44


girly me web store & chili by girly me will appear at 
Ceberport Weekend Market on 22 Sep(Sat) 11am-7pm! Please come & find us!
posted at 12:19:37

girly me web store blog updated
『サイバーポートウィークエンドマーケット/Cyberport Weekend Market September』 
posted at 20:54:16

●New Arrival●X-Back Open Dress・4clrs
 posted at 21:53:20


On the way to Cyberport market! Thank u sun for coming out. :) 
posted at 09:50:48

Girly me @ cyberport weekend market now open! #hongkong 
posted at 12:18:43

Popcorn store is in front of our booth n it smell makes me hungry !! 
posted at 12:24:33

On my way to home. #sunset #hongkong 
posted at 19:32:11

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