Sunday, July 8, 2012

先週のつぶやき。(01Jul-07Jul2012 from Twitter)


Good morning July!!
posted at 09:35:01

My lime soda. #muiwo #discoberybay #hongkong  
posted at 14:24:21

こっちのブログupdated。Party Girl封印中。DJとワンコと香港で島暮らし。
『先週のつぶやき。(24Jun-29Jun2012 from Twitter) 』 
posted at 19:51:42

I got this again! #twins
posted at 21:57:37


girly me web store blog updated: 
『入荷★フリルシースルーバックワンピ/In Stock Now! Frill Seethru Back Dress』  
posted at 12:52:24

●New Arrival●【Krazy】Zigzag Open Side Dress・3colors
 posted at 22:41:06

●Price Down!●Gun・Bullet・Teeth Earrings
 posted at 22:42:41


I can't stop checking property in Thailand. Yes, just checking... 
posted at 01:09:45

Soooooooo hot today!!! #discoverybay #Hongkong #weather
posted at 18:34:34

●New Arrival●【chili】Tie-Dye Salopette Maxi Dress
 posted at 23:58:53


●New Arrival●【chili】Loosely Tie-Dye Cotton Tops
 posted at 00:03:20

I haven't shout out tho actually got twins egg again today.
posted at 00:13:24

Temporary profile pic.
 posted at 00:49:55

Already got durty at the beach. Morning. #dog #beach #discoberybay  
posted at 10:07:09

Teppan Yaki lunch. Waiting for meat!  
posted at 14:25:10

●New Arrival●【chili】Loosely Tie-Dye Wide Pants<Navy>
 posted at 22:44:02

●New Arrival●【chili】Spandex Cotton Tie-Dye Wide Pants<Khaki>
 posted at 22:48:06


girly me web store blog updated 
『Zigzag Open Side Dress/ジグザグオープンサイドワンピ』  
posted at 11:14:42

こっちupdated. Party Girl封印中。DJとワンコと香港で島暮らし。
『母娘旅行・プラハ・ウィーン・ブダペスト。ウィーンに到着。 』 
posted at 14:14:49

●In Stock Now!●【Krazy】Chiffon Sleeve Cross Over Dress・2colors
 posted at 19:33:53

●New Arrival●【chili】Tie-Dye Spndex Cotton Tops<Fireworks>
 posted at 19:36:40

girly me web store blog updated: 
『chiliのアイテム続々到着!/chili's items are arriving!』 
posted at 21:23:25


girly me web store blog updated: 
『Price Down!Gun・Bullet・Teeth Earrings/プライスダウン!銃★銃弾★歯のピアス』  
posted at 12:09:59

母娘旅行まだ旅のとちゅう。Party Girl封印中。DJとワンコと香港で島暮らし。
posted at 12:21:29

Just washed the cover. It's comfy, isn't it? #dog  
posted at 13:56:39

H&Mがアウトレット商品掘り出してきてめっちゃセール中! 水着300円とかあるけど!! 
Super sale @ H&M #hongkong!!  
posted at 14:44:32

●New Arrival●【chili】Loosely Tie-Dye Camisole Tops
 posted at 22:14:26

●New Arrival●【chili】Oriental Long Wrap Skirt・2colors
 posted at 22:17:06

●Promote●【chili】Reversible Wrap Long Skirt(Ocean Blue)
 posted at 22:21:15

●Promote●【chili】Silk Wrap Skirt
 posted at 22:23:41


sunshine then heavy raining...very busy sky from the morning! #Hongkong
posted at 10:55:35

RT @neo_namp: 本日七夕にタイバティックで作るオリジナルファブリックと
生活雑貨の店 ☆fan D na☆のweb shopがOPENしました◎ どうぞよろしく☆  
posted at 10:55:54

Had a girl's talk with my old friend at the beach. 
I think I need this always it's my vitamin. 
posted at 18:02:28

Even I got a lot of mosquito (or sand fly) bite at the beach tho. 
posted at 18:10:30

girly me web store blog: "Links" page updated. 

posted at 21:08:29

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