Monday, June 18, 2012

先週のつぶやき。(10Jun-16Jun2012 from Twitter)


girly me web store blog updated 
『Cross Back Halter Neck Dress/クロスバックホルターネックワンピ』 
posted at 21:10:09

updated.Party Girl封印中。DJとワンコと香港で島暮らし。
『先週のつぶやき。(03Jun-09Jun2012 from Twitter) 』 
posted at 19:18:02

Steam scallop. ホタテ! #muiwo #beach #hongkong  
posted at 14:34:53


●New Arrival●【Chili】Tie-Dye Tops<3clrs>
 posted at 23:47:08

●New Arrival●【Chili】Eagle T-shirt
 posted at 23:49:03

●New Arrival●【Chili】Buddha Print Y-back Short Dress

posted at 23:49:55


●New Arrival●【Chili】Spandex Cotton Maxi w Twisted Belt・2clrs
 posted at 20:39:55

●New Arrival●Tube Top All in One●チューブトップオールインワン
 posted at 21:27:28

just talked w her mom...n cried again.
i still can't believe n don't wanna accept tho we need to keep moving forward...
miss you so much...
posted at 22:02:39


今は朝ごはんを拒否。お腹イタイのかなー...T_T カワイソウニ... 
posted at 12:01:21

My doggy-Taro has stomach upset frm yesterday 
n made me wake up every 2hrs till early morning...
n now he refusing to eat breakfast...poor :(
posted at 12:02:29

My BF wanna mohican tho his hair is curly so will be like this lmao.  
posted at 13:27:19

が!うちの家ん中がすごい事になったww 暮らせんwww
posted at 19:42:18

We got 3seater sofa n queen size bed by HK$200 tho our flat is chaos now!!
posted at 19:49:30

wiz new couch. #dog  
posted at 20:28:16

●New Arrival●【Chili】Tie-Dye Open Shoulder T-shirt・2clrs
 posted at 22:53:28

●New Arrival●【Chili】Tie-Dye Firework Tops
posted at 22:55:48

girly me web store blog updated 
『 【Chili】Eagle & Buddha T/【Chili】イーグル & ブッダ Tシャツ』  
posted at 23:41:57


girly me web store blog updated: 
『We ♥ Tie-Dye! 』
posted at 19:44:07

Party Girl封印中。DJとワンコと香港で島暮らし。
『My Friend's Departure. 』 
posted at 21:54:57


phew...i almost forget about boiling water n go to bed...
posted at 01:30:29

rainy #hongkong...
posted at 14:51:12

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