Sunday, April 29, 2012

先週のつぶやき。(22-28Apr2012 from Twitter)


Good morning Sunshine! #Hongkong
posted at 10:14:24

こっちのブログupdated. Party Girl封印中。DJとワンコと香港で島暮らし。
『先週のつぶやき。(15-21Apr2012 from Twitter)』 
posted at 11:05:54

Came back from 1hr walking under the sunshine. tired-happy face. 
posted at 17:14:57

girly me web store blog updated: 
『Special sleeve dresses/袖に注目◎のワンピース』  
posted at 20:17:57

●New Arrival●Red n Black Bandage Dress
posted at 20:59:55

●New Arrival●【Krazy】Balloon Sleeve Dress
posted at 21:00:47

●New Arrival●【Krazy】Short Front Maxi Long Back Dress
posted at 21:02:32

RT @naturaleeza: 告知の告知◎5/26-27open air psychedelic party
posted at 23:04:32

My BF is eating instant noodle in such kind of late night AGAIN.
posted at 23:40:08

sounds like i got weight on my eyelid...sleeeepyyy
posted at 23:47:32


今日もムイウォー ”ハイク” マンデイ。ほんとにどーした私達!笑 
Mui Wo "HIKE" Monday again! Whats really happen to us! LOL  
posted at 19:07:37

Momo night. Made from skin! #nepalese #dumpling 
posted at 21:11:52


good behavior. #nepalese #dumpling #momo 
posted at 00:50:00

girly me web store blog updated: 
『Short Front Long Back Chiffon Dresses/ショートフロント・ロングバックシフォンワンピ』  
posted at 14:02:55

my doggy-taro is waiting seriously for his daddy. #dog
posted at 16:18:10

Heyyyy please don't eat instant noodle now we gonna have dinner soon! #myBF
posted at 19:35:11

●New Arrival●【Krazy】3way Cotton Dress(Leopard)
posted at 21:57:01

●New Arrival●【Krazy】3way Cotton Dress(Black)
 posted at 21:57:43

コッチのブログupdted.Party Girl封印中。DJとワンコと香港で島暮らし。: 
『"bgtee" オーガニックコーヒー・ティー from Nepal』
posted at 23:29:58


sleep n stick. #dog  
posted at 11:58:05

Sleeping location changed. #dog  
posted at 12:58:21

I called my mom that skyping together. mom"OK, I will turn on the fire" LOL
posted at 13:50:41

Lady sitting next to me perfume smell like temple.
posted at 20:57:52

Can't stop checking this TARO!! Kawaii ---  
@djkashbee: Happy with bone. #dog  
posted at 21:01:25

Very humid #hongkong.
posted at 21:06:55

●New Arrival●【Krazy】Cross Over Front Drape Dress(Beige)

posted at 22:37:43

●New Arrival●【Krazy】Cross Over Front Drape Dress(Blk)
posted at 22:38:45

●New Arrival●【Krazy】Cross Over Front Drape Dress(Blue)
 posted at 22:39:30

Sounds like stormy weather is coming in #Discoverybay #Hongkong!
posted at 23:25:58


Hello sunshine! u ignored weather report! #Hongkong
posted at 12:22:08

girly me web store blog updated: 
『3way Cotton Dress/楽しみ方3とおり◎3ウェイコットンワンピ』  
posted at 12:44:34

What a めちゃめちゃ beautiful day! #Hongkong
posted at 13:41:49

watching american idol!
posted at 19:29:42

●New Arrival●【Krazy】Open Back Square Cut Dress
 posted at 19:31:27


くたーっ。 Sleepy angel. #dog  
posted at 15:09:54

Heavy raining!! #Discoverybay #Hongkong
posted at 16:55:05

girly me web store blog updated: 
『Short Front Maxi Long Back Dress/ショートフロント・マキシロングバックワンピ』 
posted at 17:30:42

●New Arrival●【Krazy】Chiffon Maxi Dress(Green)
 posted at 17:46:17

●New Arrival●【Krazy】Chiffon Maxi Dress(Pink)
 posted at 17:47:06

I held in the kitchen n ate dinner at there cuz HE pissed me off!
posted at 21:14:15


I went to dog walking in the most heavy raining in this morning. 
All wet. Morning. #Hongkong
posted at 13:05:09

トラム貸し切りパーティーへ! 雨降ってるけど!! 
On the way to tram party! Its raining tho!! #hongkong
posted at 18:43:58

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