Monday, September 30, 2013

先週のつぶやき。(22Sep2013-28Sep2013 from Twitter)


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ビーがタイフーンウナギって誰かに言っちゃったとか言ってるww ウ サ ギ!ww 
My BF told somebody that this typhoon's name is UNAGI. It's eel in Japanese! LOL #TyphoonUsagi
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Usagi (mean rabbit in Japanese) is attacking in Hong Kong. 
Cute name tho attitude is not cute! 
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updated. Party Girl封印中。DJとワンコと香港で島暮らし。
: 先週のつぶやき。(15Sep2013-21Aug2013 from Twitter)…
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Typhoon USAGI (mean Rabbit in JPNS), write in Cantonese is "天兔" 
Sky-Rabbit jumping around now.
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#Usagi's gift in island. #hongkong #TyphoonUsagi 

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Wave is calm, beach got many branches, doggies are happy. 
After #TyphoonUsagi in #hongkong.

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また見ちゃったw もうとまらんww 
Can't stop watching this!! LOL  
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ひゃっほう♪4cm背が高くなったー!@ 病院でのチェック。
Yay! got 4cm taller! @ clinic check. cuz of my hair tides up very high
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Hello i'm super dog. #dog #sleeping #wideopen

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