Monday, July 22, 2013

先週のつぶやき。(14Jul2013-20Jul2013 from Twitter)


●New Arrival●【KRZ】All Lace Dress
posted at 00:16:24


●New Arrival●【KRZ】Point Lace Tube Top・2colors
posted at 11:21:24

●New Arrival●【KRZ】Point Lace Tube Dress・2colors
 posted at 11:23:43

updated. Party Girl封印中。DJとワンコと香港で島暮らし。
: 先週のつぶやき。(07Jul2013-13Jul2013 from Twitter)…
posted at 20:38:54


Let's go to the beach! #GoodMorning #lantau #island

posted at 08:53:06

Happy morning. :) #dog #beach

posted at 10:58:18

●New Arrival●【BLD】Vintage Look Slit Maxi Dress
 posted at 23:33:08

●New Arrival●【BLD】Open Back Slit Maxi Dress
 posted at 23:34:31

My new slit dress. I wanna have parrrrty! #partygirl
posted at 23:38:07


A lil hong kong girl doing one of Osaka-Japanese gag on the street... 
i know its in coincidence. lol #新喜劇
posted at 11:20:20

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