Sunday, January 27, 2013

先週のつぶやき。(20Jan2013-26Jan2013 from Twitter)


updated. Party Girl封印中。DJとワンコと香港で島暮らし。
『先週のつぶやき。(13Jan2013-19Jan2013 from Twitter)』 
posted at 00:44:48

Always Lunar New Year time is super cold in #Hongkong tho 
seems like going to Spring frm now
posted at 11:32:42

ヤツが食ってた!!! (゚ロ゚) 
Puppy-Chicharito is super naughty...He ate my shells frm beach... #dog
posted at 11:46:41

Hike to DB now. #hongkong #muiwo #discoverybay #dog 
posted at 13:35:53

Go girl!! #dog #pug #hike 
posted at 13:39:01

Got the top! #hike #hongkong  
posted at 13:55:57

Taro n Smudger's reunion! #dog #bestfriend 
posted at 16:13:13

My BF is eating instant noodle just after our dinner...
posted at 21:38:02


I can't send tweet with picture from this morning. Is this my MB problem or twitter's?
posted at 11:33:23

Busy bee. #flower #nectar  
posted at 13:46:35

What a beautiful day! #dog #walking #morning 
posted at 13:51:30

ひゃほーーー! #dog #beach #friend #happy 
posted at 13:57:09

Tae time @ our balcony.  
posted at 18:42:31

Doggy-Taro just can't stop watching outside. #dog  
posted at 19:00:03

want more cake!!
posted at 19:02:21

●New Arrival●【Krazy】Open Back 2-tones Dress・2colors
posted at 21:57:19

●New Arrival●【Krazy】Piping V-cut Dress・2colors
posted at 21:59:37


50 Cent Gives "PaRappa the Rapper" Billion Dollar G-Unit Deal! 
50セントとパラッパラッパー! : via @youtube
posted at 13:27:31

How come we can't remember what we ate day before yesterday...
posted at 22:36:43


Pui O beach is not bad. Anyway it's like sunset tweet in the morning. #dog 
posted at 12:20:47

グラタン is on the way! #ovenfood 
posted at 19:45:52

「Kucharito(クチャリト)」 意味は「ちっちゃいスプーン」 
New word of the day frm my friend who can speak Spanish :Kucharito
posted at 23:25:43

Meaning of "Kucharito" is small spoon. #spanish
posted at 23:26:41

RT @yuki_uki_uki: RT @fukafuka_: 飼い主さん事故死につき緊急里親依頼。
posted at 23:27:53


Sun bathing boys. #dog #puppy  
posted at 13:05:47

1ヶ月以上ぶりにupdated...girly me web store blog
『ワンピースワンピースワンピース!/Dress・Dress・Dress! 』 
posted at 16:11:55

Can't stop listening Rihanna's We Found Love. How many times I repeat this... 
ハマるとひつこい私はリアーナのWe Found Loveをリピートしまくってます。  
posted at 16:37:01

My friend gave me this big shell!! #shell  
posted at 20:38:53


 「La concha(ラコンチャ)」 意味は「貝殻」 
 New word of the day from my friend who can speak Spanish :La concha
posted at 00:20:12

La concha, meaning is shell. #spanish
posted at 00:22:00

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