Monday, November 12, 2012

先週のつぶやき。(04Nov-10Nov2012 from Twitter)


OMG! タイから帰ってきたらうちにちっこいのがイルーーー!!! 
I found little one when I back from Thailand!! #puppy
posted at 01:23:15

girly me web store will be at DB Holiday Bazaar on 4th Nov (SUN) 
10am to 5pm with Zellij Limited (ayaber jamel)!
posted at 04:05:03

Nice to meet u. #pup
posted at 22:46:55


Good morning. オハヨー。#dog #puppy
posted at 11:38:47


Ichiro or Chicharito ? We haven't decide his name yet. #pup #dog
posted at 10:39:36

BTW Chicharito is little pea in Spanish. #pup #name #dog
posted at 10:42:11

went to beach again. #dog #puppy #beach
posted at 21:00:10

忘れてた。Party Girl封印中。DJとワンコと香港で島暮らし。
『先々週のつぶやき。(21Oct-27Nov2012 from Twitter) 』
posted at 22:40:45

updated. Party Girl封印中。DJとワンコと香港で島暮らし。
『先週のつぶやき。(28Oct-03Nov2012 from Twitter)』
posted at 22:41:46


We took over 1hour for morning dog walking... #puppy
posted at 10:52:22

updated. Party Girl封印中。DJとワンコと香港で島暮らし。
『We got a PUPPY!』
posted at 13:19:32

Dinner time! #puppy #dog
posted at 21:41:52


Yes I know you are Taro's little brother even no blood relationship. #pup #puppy #dog
posted at 12:33:07

We finally named our new puppy 'CHICHARITO'! Soery to supporter of ICHIRO. 
#dog #pup
posted at 21:11:18


●New Arrival●【Chili】Tie-Dye Rainbow Dress・3clrs
 posted at 14:41:42

●New Arrival●Lovely Plumped Lip Bag・2clrs
posted at 14:45:10

As I though that ppl in town wear autumn cloth...seems only me wearing flip flop lol  
posted at 18:33:02


Chicharito make me wake up super early morning like grandpa so need to sleep asap... 
#puppy #dog
posted at 00:06:01

Chicharito plays with grass. Good morning. #puppy #dog
posted at 12:27:28

updated. girly me web store blog: 
『Tie-Dye Rainbow Dress/タイダイレインボーワンピ』
posted at 14:45:14

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