Monday, May 14, 2012

先週のつぶやき。(06-12May2012 from Twitter)


Coffee no.2 already. good morning.
posted at 11:18:07

Can't leave! LOL #dog  
posted at 20:30:56

こっちのブログupdated。Party Girl封印中。DJとワンコと香港で島暮らし。: 
『先週のつぶやき。(29-05May2012 from Twitter) 』
posted at 21:12:23


Bullet BKK trip finally on next weekend!
posted at 00:05:15

Good boys & girls. #dog 
posted at 11:53:08

SUKIYAKI dinner tonight at my friend's house. yay :)
posted at 18:30:51

●New Arrival●【Krazy】Tube Top All in One(Beige)
posted at 23:41:30

●New Arrival●【Krazy】Tube Top All in One(Black)
posted at 23:42:49

タロちんが寝言いってる。フォッファッッ ってwww 
My doggy-Taro is talking in his sleep. LOL
posted at 23:56:34


●In Stock Now●【Krazy】Open Back Leopard Maxi is in stock now!
posted at 13:47:16

girly me web store blog updated: 
『Tube Top All in One/ベアトップオールインワン』
posted at 14:15:55

On our way to rock pool. #discoverybay #hongkong  
posted at 16:51:11

Rock pool. Part2 #discoverybay #hongkong 
posted at 17:14:41

Rock pool. Part3 #discoverybay #hongkong  
posted at 17:18:20

What a beautiful day! #discoverybay #beach #hongkong  
posted at 17:28:56

LINEめちゃめちゃ遅いけど私だけ!? 3時間前のメッセージが今くるとか。
i just received 3hrs ago's msg now in LINE. Is that only me???
posted at 18:20:09

●New Arrival●Chiffon Sleeve V-cutting Dress

posted at 20:10:51

●New Arrival●【Krazy】Open Back with Chain Dress(Brown)
 posted at 21:46:16

●New Arrival●【Krazy】Open Back with Chain Dress(LightBeige)

posted at 21:48:22

●New Arrival●【Krazy】Open Back with Chain Dress(Black)
 posted at 21:49:26

Open Back with Chain Dress:3colors!
posted at 21:51:54


めちゃめちゃgood morning! #discoverybay #hongkong  
posted at 12:09:54

his favorite place these days. #dog  
posted at 12:28:57

girly me web store blog updated: 
『Comfy Chiffon Sleeve V-cutting Dress/さらさらシフォンスリーブVカットワンピ』  
posted at 14:45:59

Its freaking hot weather!! #discoverybay #hongkong 
posted at 16:14:50

I feel my back is toasting... #discoverybay #hongkong
posted at 16:22:23

I forgot to eat lunch!!! :(
posted at 18:29:04


33° in #discoverybay #hongkong. Just HOT. あちぃ。。。
posted at 12:11:11

Bank hopping now.
posted at 12:52:28

The afternoon sun. #discoverybay #hongkong  
posted at 19:23:26

Finished packing so quick. feel like i've forgot something lol
posted at 22:22:10


On my way to airport. Morning.
posted at 06:30:45

one thing i hate about traveling, its leaving my doggy-Taro...
posted at 06:38:55

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